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  • Indian Social Hub Platform is for Worldwide Bhartiya‘s, Businesses & Their Staffs, Educational Organisations & Their Students, Hospitals & Their Staffs
  • This Platform is Progressive Web App. When Accessing On Mobile, Click “Add To Home” for Installing It On Mobile.
  • This Platform Is Not For Politics, Not For SPAMs.
  • We welcome all Bhartiya Business, Schools, Hospitals, Staffs, New Members to invite your family members & friends via email invite link available in your profile page.
  • Preferred to Create Private Group to Keep All Your Group Members Activities Hidden from Outside Group & Members.
  • All The Best!

  • Professional Profile Management [Businesses, Schools, Institutes, Staffs, Teams, Students, Hospital, Doctors
  • Group Management [Team, Staffs, Classes with Public/Private/Hidden Mode]
  • Document Management With Sharing Controls
  • Video Confrencing Within Groups / Members.
  • Social / Group Activity Management With Media Sharings
  • Follower / Friends Connections Systems
  • Comments blocking system for posts
  • Shared Image / Content Protection System
  • Many More…
Bharat Ka Anpa Social Network
Founders: Surbhi & Omvansh

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