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Privacy: Safe, Secure and Social

There are limited ways that information on ISH networks can be used for purposes other than what the user intended. Any time you choose to engage with any social networking sites vs ISH platform, you must read our concerns, below.

ISH suggests & follows,

When registering an account:

  • Use a strong password different from the passwords you use to access other sites.  Ideally, use a password manager to generate and store your passwords.
  • Consider creating a new email address to use only with our social media profile(s).
  • ISH believes in providing the minimum amount of personal information necessary, or that you feel comfortable providing.
  • During the registration process, most of social networks often solicit you to provide an email account password so that they can access your address book.  If you consider using this feature, make sure to read all terms so that you understand what will be done with this information. ISH doesn’t sync any information, other than you enter.

General privacy practice for using social networks vs ISH,

  • Become familiar with the privacy settings available on any social network you use, and review your privacy settings frequently. On ISH, for example, you may want to make sure that your default privacy setting is “Friends Only”. We provides Private & Hidden Group options. Alternatively, use the “Custom” setting and configure the setting to achieve maximum privacy.
  • Be careful sharing your birthday, age, or place of birth. This information could be useful to identity thieves and to data mining companies. If you do consider posting your birthday, age or place of birth, restrict who has access to this information using the site’s privacy settings. ISH doesn’t ask for any kinds of these information.
  • Try to stay aware of changes to a social network’s terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Use caution when installing mobile app of any third-party applications. For the highest level of safety and privacy, avoid them completely. If you consider using one, review the privacy policy and terms of service for the application. ISH platform works over https secure connectivity with Progressive Web App structure, which provides mobile app experience, without installing or accessing any of your information.
  • If you receive a connection request from a stranger, the safest thing to do is to reject the request. If you decide to accept the request, use privacy settings to limit what information is viewable to the stranger and be cautious of posting personal information to your account, such as your current location as well as personally identifiable information.
  • Take additional precautions if you are the victim of stalking, harassment or domestic violence. ISH takes such reports very seriously. Report us via, we will block the concerned, with immediate effect.
  • Consider pruning your “friends” list on a regular basis. It’s easy to forget who you’ve connected to over time, and therefore who you are sharing information with.
  • Log off from social networking sites when you no longer need to be connected. ISH provides 15 minutes windows time which follows auto-logout session. It protects even if any member forgot to logout.
  • ISH platform provides content protection up to great extents.
  • ISH platform works under firewall policies. Un-authorized accessibility is blocked automatically.

Be safe, feel safe


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